Shadow mapping, tutorial in progress


I began working on a tutorial on shadow mapping with Libgdx, some key points

  • It will suppose you already have basic knowledge of Libgdx with 3d, but the sample will be easy enough to understand the basic even though you just started with Libgdx 3d
  • Quite complex scene (voxel scene, 19 000 vertices)
  • Directional lights
  • Point lights with cubemap frame buffers
  • Multiple lights with multi pass shaders (forward rendering)
  • Simple cache system, moving lights
  • Libgdx 1.5
  • It will be on a separate page (+ PDF download), the style of this website is not very good for documents
  • I don’t like tutorials that just give out solutions, so I tried another approach
    • Small exercises with steps to help understand how everything works
    • Some notes to help you find the solution (usually formulas that are a bit complicated or function that should be used,…)
    • And the solution of the step
    • So it’s like a regular tutorial but if you are like me and need to work on things by yourself to fully understand and remember them then the exercises will help you out

Here is the expected result at the end of the tutorial



Current status

The project is nearly complete, it is split in 4 parts : basic scene, directional light, point light, multiple lights. It just needs some cleaning and documenting.

The tutorial itself is being written, only 10% done I think.

screenshot_scene_112 screenshot_shadows_749

screenshot_depthmapcube_752 screenshot_depthmap_761

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