Alien Blitz: updated LibGdx, chekpoint, difficulty

Updated LibGdx

I’ve updated LibGdx to 1.4.1 along with all dependencies (robovm and such). It makes the game work on iOs 8 & iPhone 6 (I don’t know if it was working before or not, I still haven’t updated my iPod touch, I just tested it on simulator)

I had lots of problems with this update, basically if you want to update an existing project just create a new one, and compare every files (robovm.xml, all gradle files,….). I also had to manually change the library files on iOs (build/libs folder).
And there were also some changes in UI stuff apparently, as there was some misplaced buttons, but it was quickly fixed anyway.



I’ve updated the way checkpoints work, now in easy & normal mode they will automatically activate when near them, and they are free.

The behavior does not change in hard & nightmare (you have to manually activate them as they cost some money).




Lava & poison

Lava & poison now deal a percentage of your max life as damage and the effect lasts more or less time depending on player level. It does not change behavior that much at high level (at level 50 it’s about the same time/damage as now), but at low level it makes things easier.



First monsters

“Brownie” and “blue can” will now deal less damages (makes first levels easier).


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