Alien Blitz: iOs, trailer


I have completed tests on iOs, everything seems to be fine.

2014-10-08 23.09.01

There are some lags on my iPod Touch in crowded areas, but it’s still playable (mainly frameskip, sometimes slow down if too many frameskips). Most of the time it’s fine, lags occur mainly in big rooms with lots of enemies / bullets.
So I guess it should run perfectly on iPhone 5S & iPhone 6, that will be the minimum recommended devices for 3d (but it won’t be disabled on lower end devices).

I will try to perform some tests on an iPhone 5 soon.

I said it before, but I will say it again: Libgdx + robovm = awesome stuff 🙂



Before release I need to work on a new trailer, again, for Alien Blitz on mobile (in 3d this time)… The bad news is that a faulty network mount on my nexus 10 caused a lot of data to be deleted on my computer, and of course all the footage for the Greenlight trailer were lost in the process 🙁 I have to do it all over again… And I hate working on video stuffs…

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