Alien Blitz: cleanup, Alien Mayhem: integrating

Alien Blitz: cleanup

Made lots of small changes to the potential future version of Alien Blitz on PC, mainly because they were standing in my todo-list for too long and I needed to clean it up:

  • Aim assist is now configurable (not used when using mouse to aim, only when using keyboard-only or controller)
  • Improved options, made a nice list box to select resolution
  • Camera is a bit farther on PC, and a bit slower to adapt (works better on PC like that)
  • Barrels explode more quickly on PC (as it doesn’t matter if it makes more calculation in a short time)
  • Some bug correction specific to the PC version


Alien Mayhem: integrating

I’ve decided to give a try to adapting Alien Mayhem to the new engine, without forking it… I guess I have some work to do now:


Only 849 errors left to correct… (most of them are just messing with imports, but some are more tricky)

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