Alien Blitz: checkpoints, level up, ready ?


Checkpoints have changed a bit, when used (when player dies and a checkpoint was activated) they will restore monsters health (those that are still alive of course) depending on difficulty level

  • 0% in easy
  • 25% in normal
  • 50% in hard
  • 75% in nightmare

It applies to bosses of course… but percentages are smaller (0%, 10%, 25%, 50%)


Level up

Level up has been a bit simplified, player will just gain one point now, but when applied it will work as if 3 points were used, making it quicker to assign points.


Ready ?

As always when I do tests I find some small stuff to change, but I think that should be it for now, I will build a new beta with all changes from last days, test it, and maybe it will be the release version.



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