Alien Blitz: camera with rifle, shoot accuracy, bug correction

Camera with rifle

Camera has been improved (in 3d) when using a rifle (or another weapon where you can move camera far away). It will now zoom out so that you can see a lot better if an obstacle is between player and scope.

The “auto-lock” is now also enabled when using the scope, in all difficulty level, making this feature a lot more useful.



Shoot accuracy

When shooting the game looks for an enemy in the direction player is facing, else it would be too hard to aim (because of height differences and the bad accuracy when using touch controls)

Up to now it was using the direction player is facing to look for an enemy, making it limited to 45° multiple. It is now using the exact direction of the on-screen joystick / controller joystick making it more accurate.


Bug correction

Lots of small bug corrections again, nothing huge again but things that had to be done… So no release yet, hopefully soon.

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