Alien Blitz: camera changes & monsters, new beta

Camera changes & monsters

A friend reported some troubles with zoom level and distinguishing monsters, so I made a few changes :

  • The camera zoom in/out according to room size has been improved, it is now closer and responds better to changes
  • When there is some action the camera will automatically zoom out (up to a maximum) to either the farthest monsters shooting at the player or to the monster the player is shooting at.
  • The monsters are brighter
  • The monsters are bigger

For the last two points here is a before/after comparison

capture_2014-10-08_15-00-27_0800_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2014-10-08_15-17-51_0203_Alien_Blitz_


New beta

A new beta has been pushed to the play store, tests continue…

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