Alien Blitz: bug correction, weapon switch, zoom, testing

Bug correction

Lots of small glitches corrected lately, mainly on 3d stuff, but some old stuff were also corrected.
For example there was an old bug with homing missile that could sometimes get slowed down a lot when there was an important height difference, it is now corrected and they behave correctly.


Weapon switch

Up to now you could switch weapons while they were reloading, it was intended, but I’ve decided to remove that when in hard or nightmare difficulty.

So in easy & normal you can fire a slow reloading weapon and immediately switch to another while the previous one is reloading. It is not possible anymore in hard & nightmare.



I’ve added a small zooming feature on mobile, you can zoom out by double-tapping the screen (or double right-click on PC). It is a temporary zoom out, it will revert to normal after a few seconds.

To avoid problem and as it was useless anyway it is not possible anymore to shoot using touch screen, but it is still possible to lock an enemy.

2014-10-06 14.07.16 2014-10-06 14.07.21



Everything seems to be ready for release, so now all I need is to do the usual tests:

  • Make sure everything works on all my test devices
  • Make a full 100% run (probably cheated & on PC)
  • Make sure special features such as gamepad still work
  • Release a beta on Google Play, and make sure it still works

I will release the Google Play version first as it is quicker, it will ensure it works before releasing iOs version.


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