Alien Blitz 3d: Trailer, mobile release


I have been working on the mobile trailer today, as I said I lost everything (except title images) of the Greenlight trailer, so I’m doing it from scratch.

It’s almost finished now, just some tiny timing adjustments I guess, but it was quite quick to do as I just have to re-capture the same video footages (with the mobile version, so with on-screen controls) and apply the same effects. The part with the level editor is gone of course and it is replaced with a 2d mode footage. Other than that it looks a lot like the Greenlight trailer



Mobile release

Lasts tests were successful, just a small glitch in High Quality mode (so I will upload and test a new beta) other than that it seems fine. I will upload it to all platforms soon, it will take a few hours for some to be available and a few days for others (even more if rejected for any reason, can happen because of small mistakes…).

I will make a full post (sort of PR) when everything is published.

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