Alien Blitz 3d – release began, Alien Mayhem ?

Alien Blitz – release began

I’ve finally began releasing the new version of Alien Blitz, it is now available on Google Play and this website (if coming from Desura). I will update it soon on Indie Game Stand, but I’d like to write a small newsletter for this first with a link to the greenlight page.

I’m performing some last tests on iOs, I have some problem debuging with new iOs 8, but the game seems to work fine… So I will send it soon for review…

The update will be live soon on Amazon also, but no one bought it there, so there’s no rush…


There will be a specific news when all is released.


Alien Mayhem

I had a game based on Alien Blitz 2d called Alien Mayhem (technical name, not the final name) that I never released (I wanted to finish other stuff on Alien Blitz first) but which was almost completed.

It was a mix between a tower defense and Alien Blitz, so:

  • Waves of enemies
  • Turrets to buy, place and upgrade
  • Weapons to upgrade
  • Combo system (kill fast)
  • Player you control
  • Player has to help turrets, go on the field and shoot
  • Player has to pick up money where enemies died
  • Player has some special abilities

And some other features:

  • 11 heroes to unlock
  • 51 maps + 3 tutorial maps
  • Random waves mode

Capture d'écran - 28012014 - 17_39_44

It was supposed to be a free to play, with the story mode free (20 maps, 5 heroes IIRC) and more maps + random waves + more heroes + no ads to be unlocked with a unique fee.

Capture d'écran - 28012014 - 17_42_22

Technically the game was working on a fork of Alien Blitz, so it doesn’t include any of the new features (such as 3d), and it was using an HTML / JavaScript UI for menus.

So if I want to publish it I need to implement the features I added in this game back in current Alien Blitz engine (and not fork it, to hard to maintain), add the missing models (new monsters and new sprites), re-do the UI from scratch (thankfully it wasn’t too complex), and check if I can get all libraries to work on both Android and iOs (ads is ok, Game Center / Google Games is ok, IAP I don’t know)

Capture d'écran - 28012014 - 17_29_50

I am not 100% sure I will work on it, but it seems like a good idea as gameplay was solid and a lot of the work is already done…

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