Alien Blitz 3d: high quality option, new game +

High quality option

The high quality option is now completed


It is disabled by default on mobile, and enabled on PC. It will not have exactly the same effect on both platforms, on PC there are more details in either case.

On mobile it will:

  • Activate opacity & color effects on sprites, making everything look a bit better
  • Enable dynamic lighting (limited to 30 fps, so it will look worse than PC)
  • Increase maximum particle count  from 50 to 100 (on PC is is a lot more)
  • Increase details of the fog of war (smoother)
  • Activate some particle effects (on lights and such)
  • Increase slightly viewport size


New game +

The nightmare difficulty mode is now clearly marked as new game +.


The difficulty selection popup will now be displayed again after completing the game in easy, normal or hard. It is still possible to get access to nightmare mode earlier on by completing secret level of episode 1 (doesn’t make sense but could help speedrun of nightmare mode)

In nightmare the monster level is not anymore linked to the player level, but only to the preset level (because basically the end levels were harder if the player was level 70 than if he was level 60 due to exponential characteristics of the monsters, now they will be hard for everyone)

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