Launching android app on Windows/Linux/Mac

I just came across this reddit post today “You Can Now Run Android Apps on Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux” and was quite intrigued

Basically it points to the chromeos-apk project on github ,  just load the provided extension on latest chrome version, load the sample/converted apk and that’s it, you have a running apk.

As I’m quite suspicious I tried to convert Alien Blitz, it’s more complicated than the sample, it uses open gl, loads library, and needs a more powerful device.

But conversion is very easy and everything seems to work !


It’s quite surprising to be honest, it didn’t crash or anything (I was expecting a crash on startup), and speed is good. There seems to be some problem with touch events, it doesn’t always click at the right coordinates. And I can’t launch the full version of Alien Blitz (problem with Google Play Services, don’t know why, I’m not supposed to use that in the full version, and it works on the free one, nothing serious I guess)

But it’s promising, maybe in the near future we will be able to launch any Android app on our home computers, nice !

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