Alien Blitz 3d: back to work, extra, mods

Back to work

I’m finally back to work, I’ve finished moving, I have a decent Internet connection, and a decent work setup… All good !

It’s quite hard to get back to work after these few weeks, I’ve done small things here and there, but that’s almost nothing. What remains is not some fun stuff, so it makes it harder to work on those, but I’ll try to do my best 🙂


New extra menu

A new menu has been added to the main screen, it is called “extra”

It will contain basically everything that doesn’t fit anywhere 🙂 level editor, level downloads, downloaded levels launcher, game mods,…

Currently it just contains the old launcher for custom level plus the new mod screen

(The debug button is just available in development mode)


Game mods

Game mods have been added, there are a few more than before but total destruction had to be removed as it is a bit buggy, it might come back later on.

New games mods are mostly cheat options and can be activated only when game has been completed:

  • All monsters level 1
  • More bullets: weapons launch 10 bullets in a row instead of 1
  • Infinite ammo
  • Instant reload
  • Invincibility
  • First Person View: switch view (FPS, top-down) by pressing backspace

FPS view can be activated once 3rd map has been completed.



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