Alien Blitz 3d: smoke effect, flee, new explosion

Smoke effect

I got inspired recently by the (again) excellent work by Smoke particle assets

So I tried to use the smoke effect on the rocket, basically I create lots of particle behind the rocket (replacing the old effect), I add some color and effect (scaling and opacity) and voilĂ :


This feels really good, so I added the same effect to fireball from monsters:

capture_2014-09-11_16-47-04_0782_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2014-09-11_16-46-44_0888_Alien_Blitz_

And it seems pretty good too!

Problem is the old explosion effect seems a bit off now, too pixelated, so I will try to replace it too.



While doing tests I noticed the smoke effect could be interesting to use as a fog, to block view. So I gave it a try when enemies flee.

The first thing I noticed is that there was a bug there, fleeing was triggered a lot less than it should be, usually some monster will try to flee when low health or when the player shoot them a lot during last seconds. And then some randomness occur to decide if monster should flee (depends on monster). This last part was not working correctly and monster were almost never fleeing.

This is now corrected, and now when fleeing monsters have a chance to generate a fog around them, making them invisible, and they can’t be locked either while “fogged”

capture_2014-09-12_11-30-40_0552_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2014-09-12_11-19-07_0323_Alien_Blitz_


New explosion

And finally come the explosions effects

capture_2014-09-12_12-14-28_0237_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2014-09-12_12-14-45_0587_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2014-09-12_12-16-17_0454_Alien_Blitz_

These ones quickly fade away, to avoid visibility problems


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