Alien Blitz 3d: performance on mobile (update)

Performance on mobile (update)

I managed to improve FPS by optimizing some small stuff and mainly by removing some effects on Sprite.

Basically there’s no more color effect on sprites, it means monsters won’t be darker in darker areas, shadows are solid black now, and other changes. It doesn’t apply for the main character, the mecha will still be darker in dark places and change color depending on running power ups.
Since all this is around  a 5 fps gain and all these features will be on PC, it is ok. Maybe I’ll add a quality option on mobile too.

As for the tests:

  • Samsung GS3 (with power save on): 27fps
  • Nexus 7 (2012): 28fps
  • iPod touch: 17fps

On the GS3 it’s not a stable 27fps, it’s something between 24 and 30fps, but it should be good enough.

I will have to do a full run of the game on the GS3 to make sure FPS is ok everywhere, but seems good so far.

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