Alien Blitz 3d: camera placement, details

Camera placement

Camera position is mainly automatic in Alien Blitz 3d:

  • It follows a “virtual” point in front of the player (like in 2d)
  • It can be moved freely around the player using right mouse button
  • The camera will tilt left/right if you are on the left/right side of the map
  • The camera will zoom/unzoom depending on the size of the room player is in

And I’ve added a new tilt today, the camera will slowly tilt up (almost vertical) if there is a big wall in front of the camera blocking the view

capture_2014-09-16_22-15-53_0754_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2014-09-16_22-15-59_0415_Alien_Blitz_



I’m mainly working on adding details here and there now, on episode 1 and the extra maps. I will make the video and screenshots using these maps, so other episodes will come later.

It’s a long work as I need to work with the smallest tool of the editor and just add blocks to get more details and something nicer.

capture_2014-09-16_22-04-35_0872_Level_editor_ capture_2014-09-16_22-04-47_0031_Level_editor_ capture_2014-09-16_22-05-59_0354_Level_editor_ capture_2014-09-16_22-19-55_0091_Level_editor_

I might work on that again tomorrow, and hopefully I should then be able to make the trailer for Steam Greenlight.

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