Alien Blitz 3d: level editor

Level editor

Even more work on the level editor:

New selection windows

These windows are generic, so once I made one all others were immediately available too

capture_2014-07-31_16-59-56_0259_Level_editor_ capture_2014-07-31_17-00-24_0787_Level_editor_ capture_2014-07-31_17-03-54_0807_Level_editor_

These screens are a lot more clear than old ones

Sprite list

The sprite list has been greatly reduced, useless sprites have been removed (monster animations, unused sprites,…) and sprites have been categorized. It’s a lot easier to use now.

Other windows

New map window and properties windows have also been adapted.

capture_2014-08-01_12-14-56_0147_Level_editor_ capture_2014-08-01_13-24-57_0502_Level_editor_

All awt windows should be removed now.


I’m quite amazed at how quicker it is to load a level and move around it, I can easily display the whole level at once and there’s absolutely no lag or fps drop when moving around.


It makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable than before (and the cpu is a lot cooler)

Tile/Sprite preview

I had a problem with this new editor because the camera can now be moved freely, and the preview tool could not easily show what the tool will really do when applied (how the sprite will be rotated, how the tile will be inserted,…).

So I’ve added a preview directly inside the cursor, it’s a small version of what will be inserted on the map.

capture_2014-08-01_11-40-47_0600_Level_editor_ capture_2014-08-01_11-43-54_0343_Level_editor_

Basic history

There is now a very basic history, it will just save terrain, not properties, not sprites,… it’s not perfect but it’s still better than before.

Some “snapshots” are saved before performing actions. and can be restored using Ctrl+Z. Shift+Z will redo the action. There are 10 maximum snapshots.

Level modifications

To test this new editor I’m making modifications on existing levels; again adding more details.

It helps me testing and correcting bugs, and as I’m in the process of moving flat it’s good as I don’t need to focus on a single task for a long time, it’s just small modifications I can postpone at any moment.

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