Alien Blitz 3d: art, upcoming


My nexus 7 is a 2012 version that doesn’t support art runtime, I tried installing CyanogenMod today, I didn’t expect it to support art since the official version doesn’t, but the option can be enabled.

So I gave it a quick try, the game starts, using menus works, but it crashes when I try to play something. Apparently something was not working when initializing the ShapeRenderer of LibGdx (it’s not LibGdx fault, it’s art as art is supposed to be fully compatible with dalvik), as I don’t use it in 3d I just removed it and everything seems to work. No improvement visible, it just works.



I’m quite busy these days, I had to find a new flat, and now I’m in the process of moving there. I will not get a decent Internet before at least 3 weeks. But after that it should be good (hmmm 500 mbps / 200 mbps, sending updates and videos should be quite quick compared to my current 5 mbps upload speed).

I will also work on the video teaser for Greenlight, screenshots and introduction text so that everything is ready for mid-september.

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