Alien Blitz 3d: virtualization, bundle jre, achievements, immersive mode


I’m working on a Linux set-up (Xubuntu) but sometimes I need a Windows environment quickly to use programs that don’t exist on Linux. I can either start my desktop computer with a Win 7 installed or launch a virtual machine on my Linux.

I use VirtualBox as a virtualization software, up to now I knew that I couldn’t test my game on it, it was way too slow or would just crash, even with experimental 3d support activated. But today I ran a quick test just as I wanted to bundle a JRE with the game and needed to test on Windows:


The game is fully playable! At a very stable 60fps. Yet another result I didn’t expect, there’s no MSAA as the virtualized 3d card reports it doesn’t support MSAA, and it’s just a mono core as I don’t need the virtual machine to use 2 cores. But other than that it seems just fine.


Bundle jre

As I said above I tried to bundle an Open JDK with the game, it seems to work fine. Current plan is that I will release the game only if it is accepted on Steam, I don’t know how they handle JRE but at least I know the game can run on its own with its own JRE and no other software requirements.

And it will also allow me to distribute the game to a few beta-testers before starting Greenlight.



I have finally removed some achievements, so now there are less than 100 achievements, which is no big deal in my opinion.

There are now 10 speed run achievements (complete a specific level), they are not easy, some use glitches, other need a nearly perfect execution, but hey! it’s speed run, it’s not easy!

I have also added a global speed run achievement to complete the game as fast as possible (any%), I set it to 1 hour and 30 minutes (in-game time), my personal best (PB) at the moment is 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you don’t know about speed running this time might seems surprisingly short, but it’s not the “usual” time needed to complete the game on a normal play through (for example Zelda occarina of time can be completed in 18 minutes and 10 seconds, doom 2 in less than 20 minutes, half life 2 in less than 90 minutes,…)


Immersive mode

I’ve added immersive mode for Android 4.4+, it makes the screen a bit bigger on devices where virtual buttons were displayed.

I think I will publish a new android version soon, to test new stuffs, but 3d will be disabled for the time being (still needs some adjustments and optimizations)

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