Alien Blitz 3d: tests, PC


I’m back from vacation, I did not work but just made some tests on other phones.

Sadly the game is not playable (~ 20 fps) on Xperia S, I was hopping it would work on it as it’s a not-so-old phone but it’s too slow.

At the moment results are

  • Nexus 7 : ok
  • Nexus 10 : ok
  • Galaxy S3 : ok
  • Xperia Ray : too slow
  • Xperia S : too slow
  • iPod touch : too slow
  • iPhone 5 : supposedly ok

So I don’t know if I want to release something that will not work on most ‘current’ devices. Some people might want 3d and won’t switch to 2d if they notice their device is too slow, and they could think they got screwed over…

I think I will try to do some optimizations (particularly on polygon count on models), but if nothing works the Android/iOs version might remain in 2d, and 3d will be just for PC (or released later in one year or so, when older phones are ‘dead’)



I began working on controls on PC, the old controls has been slightly improved (inheriting mobile controls) : when shooting (by clicking the enemy with the mouse) the target will be automatically locked until mouse button is released, meaning you can easily move while shotting.


I think there will be a little more control options :

  • Keyboard only, with aim-assist (quite big range), move with the keyboard and a key is used to shoot in the current direction player is facing (8 directions including diagonals)
  • Keyboard + mouse, without aim-assist, move with the keyboard and aim/shoot with mouse. Right click to move camera around.
  • Gamepad, with adjustable aim-assist, move with the stick, shoot with a button in the current stick direction. The other stick can be used to move camera around.

I will now focus a little more on PC version in order to have a nice video for Steam Greenlight.

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