Alien Blitz 3d: poison/napalm drops, path finding, smoother physics, mouse cursors, screen borders

Poison/napalm drops

Poison and napalm drops will now set the player or monster on fire/poison from farther away. And they now deal damage to monsters by a percent (33 to 50% of monster’s life in 5 seconds) and not by a fixed value.

It means poison and napalm barrels are now more useful from a strategic point of view, chances are increased that they will indeed deal damage to surrounding monsters.



Path finding

When a monster can not shoot at the player it will:

  • Go through a direct path (straight line) if a path exists
  • Or execute a A* algorithm to see if a path exists to the player

Path finding was removed on mobile for performance reasons, code was still present in the game, but it was not working anymore, so I corrected it and it seems fine now.

So now monsters will sometimes (depends on monsters & level) execute a A* algorithm to try to find a way to the player (when player is not visible). A* has also been re-enabled on Android, but it is less likely to occur and can not happen more than once every 10 seconds.

Currently the monster will just try to reach the current player location wherever he is (cheating…), so I’ve added 2 other solutions:

  • Try to reach the last “safe” location where the player was (a safe location is just somewhere with absolutely no obstacle and on a flat terrain), it will increase chance for A* to work
  • Or try to reach the last “seen” player location (different for each monster), chances are it will bring the monster closer to the player and the monster is less cheating using this solution.

It means now monsters will move more to try to reach the player especially on PC.


Smoother physics

Lots of stuff that had been “simplified” for mobile/isometric are now more smoother on PC: corpse falling, rock dropped by first boss, ammo drop falling,…


Mouse cursors

Mouse cursors are back, there are a bit less than before, and I made them bigger. There are 3 cursors

  • A simple arrow for the menus
  • A sight when player can shoot
  • A reloading animation when the current weapon is reloading


They won’t appear on mobile, even if a mouse is plugged in, as mouse is not used (it just acts as a finger tap).


Screen borders

I’ve added 2 effects for the game, 2 borders that will appear on the screen

  • Small one (red): when life is low or when player took high damage (displayed for a few frames)
  • Big one: when player is poisoned (green) or in fire (yellow)

They will be available everywhere (classic/3d, PC/mobile)

capture_2014-07-18_22-36-24_0524_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2014-07-18_23-11-42_0773_Alien_Blitz_

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