Alien Blitz 3d: more work on textures, MSAA, Speedrun

More work on textures

I tried multiple things to render textures better today…

Using 16px textures instead of 32px


It makes everything smoother, less sharp, but of course details are lost in the process

Activating linear filtering on 16px textures


Everything is even more smoother, maybe a bit too mucj

Activating linear filtering on 32px textures


Difference is hardly noticeable (compared to original 32px/nearest filter), certainly because textures almost appear at their original size most of the time.


It needs more testing, 16px might be better for low resolutions, but I still prefer 32px (with filtering), I think I will just have to do some more tiny adjustments to contrast and colors to get something better



I’ve decided to activate MSAA, it’s very easy with Libgdx


It doesn’t change anything for textures, but walls appear a lot better, no more aliasing. It will be default option I think.

Only problem is in 1st person view mode, artifacts appear (2nd image)


I don’t know why there are artifacts, I guess I will just disable MSAA in 1st person (if possible), as it’s just a small mod for the game it doesn’t matter that much.

I have different results depending on the graphical card and OS:

  • Laptop, Linux, integrated intel card: 8 samples max
  • Laptop, Linux, nvidia card (bumblebee) : can’t enable MSAA
  • Laptop, Windows, nvidia card: ok (tested 8 samples only)
  • Desktop, Windows, nvidia: ok (tested 8 samples only)
  • Mac mini, Mac OS, intel card: ok (tested 8 samples only)

I have no idea why the nvidia card can’t enable MSAA on my laptop under Linux… maybe a configuration issue, an issue on Libgdx/lwjgl, or an issue on the Linux driver…



I love watching speedruns (, I tried myself to do some Doom 2 UV Max runs but it’s too time consuming, so I never went very far, but I included some speedrun achievements and references in Alien Blitz.

I also tried to speedrun Alien Blitz, it’s working pretty well, first episode can be completed very easily, then others are harder as weapons are not upgraded enough and player level is quite low, but it’s definitely possible.

I will have to make a better tool to calculate time, current time (that you can see by clicking the mecha image on the main screen) is just the number of frames spent to complete each level. I was thinking to include a real time timer that begins the first time the play button is clicked, that runs all the time except during loading time and file save, and that can be displayed all the time on screen if needed (just the time, nothing else, speedrunners are used to have WSplit or other tools to compare their personal time).

Currently there are 10 SR and 10 TAS achievements (excluding bosses achievements), they are based on old times and I’m not even sure they are possible to complete anymore. So I’ve decided to clean up all this, now there will be 20 any% achievements (just complete the level as fast as you can) and no 100% achievements (too boring to complete).

To get the expected time you might have to use some glitches, death abuse,…

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