Alien Blitz 3d: level editor

Level editor

More work on the level editor, it is quite easy so far.


I’ve added a new feature that was not in the old editor, lights can be directly previewed, it will not be the exact lights that you will see in game but it’s pretty close.

capture_2014-07-30_15-16-51_0995_Level_editor_ capture_2014-07-30_15-16-57_0450_Level_editor_



Camera can now be moved freely, it’s a lot better than isometric version where camera was fixed in isometric view 🙂



No 3d

I’ve removed 3d map support as I didn’t need it.
In old versions of the game it was possible to create cube above empty spaces, and have rooms above others. This was removed later as it wasn’t need in top view, and it was hard to visualize in isometric view.
In current version of the editor (Snorms) the editor was still loading/saving/displaying levels in 3d, but a second level was exported in 2d + heightmap. Only the exported version was released, so released levels could not be edited.

Now the level editor is fully 2d + heightmap, so if you place a block above empty spaces they will be filled too. It also means the level editor now directly load/save levels in compressed 2d format, so there is no “protection” for levels. I could add a specific export format for maps, with some kind of protection, but I don’t think it’s useful.

The engine could be converted back to full 3d, most functions are generic enough and old 3d support is still there and maintained… But it’s not useful, it might be available in a future version of the engine, but not now.


I’ve also added the new UI system to the editor


It means I can now easily add windows/button/… in the level editor. I’ve just added a window for the help screen at the moment, but I think I will convert other window too, it shouldn’t be too hard (and will allow mouse selection that was not available before).

What decided me to switch from awt to this system is mainly that I will need to add a new window to publish levels online, and I really don’t want to do it in awt.



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