Alien Blitz 3d: jump, misc, speedrun, level editor


I had greatly reduced the possibility for monsters to jump in 2d as it was pretty much useless, it is now back in 3d


Monster have a chance to jump across small obstacles, it’s random.

And they will also less get stuck in walls (when a monster is stuck in a wall for too long it will just get killed to avoid problems with 100% kills at the end of level)



Again, lots of miscellaneous corrections and improvements:

  • More 3d elements in levels
  • New patterns for attack of first boss when mid-life

It also seems the random bug I was referring to in an earlier post is gone, I have completed the game multiple times since and it didn’t happen once.

I have absolutely no idea what was this bug about nor why it is corrected, I changed a few stuffs in rendering (to get the dynamic FPS option to work), it could eventually be related.



I have some fun trying to speedrun Alien Blitz, it’s also very good for testing as it forces me to test unusual stuff and get the most of the engine.

I’ve found a few glitches, mainly level design glitches, that I don’t plan to correct. You’ll likely won’t encounter them in a normal playthrough, and they can’t be considered bugs (you can’t get stuck and it won’t crash the game, it’s just a quicker way to complete a level).

I was a bit afraid at first that speedrunning Alien Blitz will be just running and avoiding bullets (which can still be fun, but quickly boring), but you have to kill some monsters at some points (bosses, trigger kills, or just to get them out of the way) so you must always try to improve your weaponry and increase level. Furthermore beginning at episode 2 it is very easy to get killed as there are way too many monsters in some maps to you just avoid them.


Level editor

Up to now level editor was still on the old branch, using Snorms isometric engine. My plans were to release this version with the game as it’s working decently.


But I still just wanted to try to plug the 3d rendering code into it, so I forked the project and copied the 3d rendering code… And surprisingly it’s working pretty well on first try


It’s just the first render after around 1 hour of work, but most tools seem to work so far. It’s a lot brighter than the old editor because textures have been changed since, other than that it seems ok.

So finally I might deliver this version in 3d, it will make the level creation easier, no more isometric artifacts and free camera movements.

I don’t know yet if I will make the editor compatible with my UI system, I might stick to the ugly awt frame for now.

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