Alien Blitz, testing some 3d stuffs

I began testing some 3d stuffs with Libgdx today, inspired by this project

Here are some screenshots :

capture_2014-06-06_02-31-39_0195 capture_2014-06-06_02-44-31_0159

It is quite easy to render the map, problem comes from lighting. I’ve tried using Libgdx point lights (first two screenshots), they look very nice and smooth but it seems it’s just a sample as they are pretty useless (lots of artifacts, can’t add more than a few, can’t set distance,…) and I don’t really know how to make them work better without going deep into opengl.

I was kinda hopping there could be something simple to add lights, and I have no idea if it’s planned on Libgdx.

capture_2014-06-06_11-47-26_0966 capture_2014-06-06_12-35-48_0487 capture_2014-06-06_12-41-55_0726

So I switched to a per-voxel lighting, problem is it’s not smooth, but it’s working.

I don’t know if I want to stick with per-voxel lighting as I think it looks better in 2d in this case (as I can add smoothing). So I don’t really know what to do at this points, I can either try to go deep into opengl, but it could take ages and not end up with something nice, or I could try switching to something else for 3d, such as jMonkey

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