Alien Blitz, outlining, lighting, particles


I corrected a stupid mistake since my previous post, and I finally got some king of borders displayed

By multiplying vertex coordinates with a scalar in the shader (border is misplaced) :


Or by multiplying vertex coordinates with the normal (empty zones around the scaled model)


Both solutions are not perfect, but I don’t think I will try to correct them, that doesn’t look good. But I might be able to use the first solution to create accurate shadows, by projecting coordinates on the ground… We will see that later, mobile version will just use a simple ellipse shadow.

Lighting models

As I won’t outline models I need to find a way to make them more visible.

First thing is to change lighting, so that they don’t bend with the floor (before/after) :


Then some fine tuning of lights (global lighting position,…)


And finally trying some new stuff in the shader to render lights a bit differently, colours are more visible, unlighted areas are darker


There is a real difference when using PC and mobile, it looks a lot nicer on mobile. I think this is mostly due to the screen density being higher on mobile, on PC in a correct resolution (>= 720p) it looks nicer already.


I have just quickly converted the rocket model, and used it as default model for all particles

capture_2014-06-09_19-16-08_0698 capture_2014-06-09_19-16-14_0665

Everything is working fine, I think some particles will remain in 2d (explosion animation for example), but everything should work. There will just be some tuning needed, for examples particles need to turn precisely now, in 2d they were just turning by a 45┬░ factor.

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