Alien Blitz, more shaders

I love shaders so far, it’s crazy how they can make a lot of things look nicer when properly done.

First trying to add some global lighting to see the model voxel (adding shadow to see the cubes)

capture_2014-06-07_23-17-03_0534 capture_2014-06-08_12-20-19_0925 capture_2014-06-08_12-22-25_0716

Then trying to correct lighting (green is more green)


And finally adding smooth lights (before/after)

capture_2014-06-08_13-59-50_0239 capture_2014-06-08_14-55-28_0794

I still can’t exactly do what I want to do but it sure looks promising.

capture_2014-06-08_14-59-17_ capture_2014-06-08_14-59-28_0622 capture_2014-06-08_15-00-38_0107

And everything still runs @30 fps on my Galaxy S3, not sure it will work with more models, but it will definitely work on PC.

If you are interested in Libgdx + shaders you should take a look at these videos I found on youtube : GLSL – OpenGL Shaders (LibGDX)

They are a perfect introduction, easy, well explained, very good

I’d like to try to outline borders now to see what it would look like (not sure it will render good with voxel models), I think I’ll need to render the view in two passes (depth buffer and true rendering), more experiments incoming.

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