Alien Blitz, more 3d

Another post today, just because I’m happy with my last test 🙂


The sprites are not displayed, but the engine is working correctly in the background…

Finally I think it might be possible to work on a 3d version of Alien Blitz, but :

  • I don’t know if I can do it on Android
    • On my Nexus 10 it is awesome, stable 30 fps, and current graphics are really nice (anti aliasing is mostly needed on desktop…)
    • On my Galaxys S3 I can only get around 7 fps… so that’s not good at all, same on Nexus 7 (2013)
    • So if I do it on Android it might be an option for high end devices (if it still works after adding 3d models and particles)
  • It’s not looking that bad with per-voxel lighting, but smooth lightings will still look best, so I need to work on that. And dynamic lightings (on missile, explosions and such) would be awesome
  • It will be best to have some outlined borders, but it’s not mandatory as walls are a lot more visible than in 2d

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