Alien Blitz in 3d !

After playing with 3d these past few days I’ve decided it was worth trying to port Alien Blitz to 3d. So it’s official, there will be a 3d version of Alien Blitz !

capture_2014-06-10_14-58-37_0134 capture_2014-06-10_14-59-45_0694

What does it mean ? first it means Alien Blitz development continues, will it ever end ? 😉


Alien Blitz on Android / iOs

  • 2 modes: classic and 3d
  • Classic will be current version, top view 2d
  • 3d will be a 3d version, top-down view, for higher end devices
  • All maps will have to be rewritten to include more 3d elements for the 3d mode (maps will not change in classic mode)

capture_2014-06-10_15-00-00_0546 capture_2014-06-10_15-00-37_0365

Alien Blitz on PC

  • Distribution model
    • I will consider it as a new game, different from Snorms (because Snorms is outdated now, and I prefer the name Alien Blitz)
    • I will try to greenlight it on Steam
    • If it is greenlighted then all Snorms buyers will get Steam keys for free (on IGS & Desura)


  • Differences with Android/iOs version
    • [sure] Same minimal features as Android/iOs version
    • [sure] More detailed graphics (more particles, lighting effects,…)
    • [sure] 60fps, smarter monsters, keyboard-mouse/gamepad controls
    • [sure] Fun extra unlockable modes (total destruction,…)
    • [sure] 3 modes: classic 2d top view, 3d top-down view, first person view (FPS mode)
    • [sure] Level editor, online level sharing included, a few maps available on release (so more content than Android version)
    • [maybe] Online coop, depending on success (in a patch?)

capture_2014-06-10_15-02-32_0913 capture_2014-06-10_15-02-27_0440 capture_2014-06-10_15-02-11_0708



3d mode will be available only to high end devices (3d capabilities, more memory), current tests (unoptimized version) show some interesting result (game is supposed to run @30fps):

  • Samsung Galaxy S3: 25-30 fps
  • Sony Xperia ray: 15fps
  • Nexus 7 (2013): 25-30fps
  • Nexus 10: 30fps


When ?

A preview version should be available mid/end July for Android (& maybe iOs if beta features are authorized on App Store).

Greenlight version will be available shortly after .


All these screenshots are development screenshots, not final at all

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