Alien Blitz 3d: work environment, bug correction on some devices, rotating models, models update, new explosion

Back from a very nice week end in Belgium, and back to work. Mostly working on aesthetic stuff now


Work environment

I’ve been asked how was my work environment like, nothing fancy here, but here is a quick picture of my setup

2014-06-16 16.08.12

I have a MSI GE60 laptop linked to two external 22″ samsung screen (quite old now, but working fine), the laptop screen is not used in this configuration. A good mouse (logitech performance mx) and a good keyboard (corsair, gaming keyboard but very nice to use for work too). On the left the nexus 7 I use for tests (running adb through wifi, usb port is faulty), on the far right the xperia ray I sometimes use for tests, my GS 3 is taking the picture.

The laptop is running Xubuntu 13.10 (original Windows 8 is still on dual boot, but I barely use it), I use it for everything: work, gaming, watching movies,… I like xfce, it’s very stable, runs very well, doesn’t require tons of memory, supports dual screen and I can disable all effects (personal preference).
It is currently running eclipse on the left (using Wombat theme), and some random apps on the right.

There is also my old PC (not visible here) running a Windows 7 that I use for Qubicle and tests, it is connected to the left screen (using on screen dvi/vga switch) and running synergy to share mouse/keyboard.


Correcting bugs on nexus 7

I had two strange visual bugs on my Nexus 7 (not on my GS3)

First one was that some sprites appeared black, at first I thought it was a shader issue but nothing seemed to work. In the end it was just that the automatic process I created to convert models to 3d was not creating power of 2 sized textures. It resulted in some textures not being loaded properly, certainly some kind of OpenGL version issue.

Second one was a bit more tedious, again appearing on my Nexus 7 and not on my GS3, there were some black or white line / points appearing and disappearing on the screen

2014-06-16 12.34.50

At first I thought it was an issue with cube placement, but again it was just a texture problem. Even if I use a “Nearest” filter for texture it seems there are some kind of artefacts when displaying them; some pixels from around the actual texture are used.

Again an easy fix, I just have to add a border to all textures by duplicating pixels on the border


And then result is smooth


Rotating models

Some models are now rotating to make them more visible: help sprites, keys,…



Models update

Models now update when they should, up to now models were all using the “standing still” animation, they now switch animation when walking/attacking/dying…


Position interpolation

In Alien Blitz particle position is updated @15 fps, in order to have a smooth movement @30fps their position is interpolated. This was not yet present in 3d, but it’s done now and looks a lot better.

I think the PC version will just run everything @60 fps, make things easier.


New explosion

I’ve finally switched explosions (and teleport animation) to 2d overlay, no more glitches


The 2d animation is just played on top of everything (except fog) as a 2d sprite.

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