Alien Blitz 3d: monster activity, level loading, resolution, dogecoin, camera effect, death


Monster activity

In Alien Blitz when a monster is attacking outside visible screen or is selected an arrow is visible on the border of the screen to indicate an activity.

Doing this in 3d was a bit trickier, finally I’m using the Camera.project to get the 2d position of the monster and check if it is outside screen, then I get the location closest to screen and compute the arrow angle before displaying it. I’m using the 2d version of the arrow, 3d is not necessary in this case.



Level loading

Level loading has been changed and now includes a 4th step to manage 3d elements (chunk calculation & model loading)


On PC loading is even faster than in 2d (I can barely see the loading screens), but it’s a bit slower on Android. First 3 steps are very quick, and the last step is the most time consuming.
It currently takes around 30 seconds to load a medium sized level on my GS3, 25 seconds on my ipod touch and less than 10 seconds to load the same level on my Nexus 10.

It means GS3 will probably be the minimum requirement for 3d. I think it is ok, people who want 3d know they need a good phone, and GS3 is already 2 generations old, so it’s fine for me (and 2d top view remains for lower end devices).

On my ipod touch the game is too slow in 3d (20fps) but it should be ok on iPhone 5 (will need some testing).



I understand why the game was looking nicer on Android and especially on the nexus 10, it’s because I forgot to change resolution as I do in 2d (technically the image is stretched in 2d), in 3d the resolution is just the same as the device, which is perfect, so it will stay this way.
It also means there are some mistake currently when displaying 2d textures on top:


Health bar are too small, arrows are misplaced, clicks are not registered correctly,… it is even more visible on nexus 10 with its 2560×1600 resolution

This is now fixed




I forgot to change the $ sign on the money box… shame on me…

This is now ok, I’ve changed it to dogecoin of course, THE interstellar money that everyone use in space.



Camera effect

I’ve added a simple zoom in/out camera effect, it is currently used when starting a level and when dying. Maybe I’ll find other uses later.




I’ve just added a different death when in 3d, it will generate particles like monsters, and the camera will zoom in


I will also change the popup thingy after death for both 3d and classic, it will use a classic dialog popup in the main screen instead.



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