Alien Blitz 3d: completed (almost), PC

Completed !

Full 100% run on PC completed, tests on Android (mostly) completed… Everything is working fine. So it means Alien Blitz in 3d is completed !


I’ve created the first release APK and I will test it on different phones to make sure it reacts correctly everywhere. I will also continue testing on iOs that wasn’t tested enough.

I’m happy because it tool less than 3 weeks from just the idea of testing some 3d stuff to a release version, that’s mainly because Alien Blitz was created as a 3d game with a 2d view, so it made everything a lot easier.

With holidays coming it means Alien Blitz (with 3d) won’t be released right away, it should be released around mid-july. It will also allow me to do more tests.

The price will slightly increase, so make sure to grab it before that.



Now that mobile version is completed I can begin working on PC stuff:

  • First Person view (can’t wait to test it, I know it won’t render as nicely as a true FPS but it might be interesting)
  • Improved graphical engine (60 fps, lots of particles, dynamic ligthing,…)
  • Level editor (will reuse Snorms one) and online level sharing
  • Preparing green light stuff (videos, screenshots,…)


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