Alien Blitz 3d: cleanup, new models, new HUD, lights, shadows


Lot’s of code cleanup: removing prototype stuff, refactoring, cleaning up tests,… Nothing visual to show, just some mandatory work

While doing that I accidentally reverted the character sprite to the default one, I didn’t even know it was still included in the asset



New models

A few models have been changed: money box, napalm/poison drops, teleporter,…




Some UI elements (top-right of the screen) are reminiscent of the very first versions of Snorms, they are not visible enough, colours don’t exactly match other icons, and there is some space reserved for a 4th ammo type that was never introduced. Basically it is time to change that.

I’ve just changed to a very basic HUD, I’m getting ride of number elements and I just display some progress bars, I’ve also changed size of the active elements on the top left (keys, checkpoints) to make them more visible.


The current weapon ammo type is highlighted, others are semi-transparent. Only the ammo the player currently uses are visible (if player doesn’t have any weapon using energy cells, then energy cells won’t be visible for example)



Lighting has changed again, I’ve managed to send the missing parameter to the shader, using the BiNormal parameter (that I don’t use). I can now render full light (sun light) correctly, and I’ll be able to fine-tune everything


When adding new parameters to meshes don’t forget to update parameter size or strange things can happen




I’ve added a generic way to add shadows to elements, and now everyone (monsters & bullets) has shadows


Currently all bullets have shadows, I think I will remove them for fast bullets (shotgun,…) as it’s not really needed and will just eat some cpu cycles.

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