Alien Blitz 1.1.2 : maintenance update

Alien Blitz has been updated, maintenance update

Changelog 1.1.2
  • [bug] optimized code when there are lots of bullets on screen (using double shotgun in crowded area, especially in nightmare difficulty with lots of monsters)
  • [bug] corrected some Amazon integration stuff (remaining links to play store)
  • [bug] typos

This update has been pushed everywhere:



Bullet optimization

When using a fully upgraded double shotgun the game was very laggy when shooting as double shotgun generates 24 bullets each time

The code has been optimized, but the lag might still occur in some maps depending on your device.

3d stuff

After checking out a nice project to build a voxel engine in Libgdx I’ve decided to try converting Alien Blitz to 3d.

I have no idea how difficult it will be or if it’s even possible. Most sprites exists in 3d / Qubicle format so getting the 3d models is quite easy, and the engine is already internally in 3d (rendering is 2d though).

if it works I don’t know if it will be available on Android, depending on performances I might just do a new PC version (with other stuff and try again steam greenlight, 3d might help promote it this time)

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