Snattack dev – entry #001


I began working on a new snake game lately, and decided to post some dev update regularly, it helps me keeping tracks of everything

The codename for this game is snattack, it will not be the final name, it’s just some internal name.


(graphics inspired by work)



It will be a snake game with nice hand made levels, it should feature

  • Labyrinths levels
  • Keys, doors
  • “enemies”: automatic turrets
  • Missiles (to disable turrets or clear path)
  • Teleportation system
  • Around 50 levels (solo)
  • A scoring mode
  • 100% Touch controls (no virtual controls)
  • Achievements, integration with game center / play games
  • Android / iOs
Economic model

It should be F2P with ads, and a unique in-app-purchase to unlock:

  • More levels
  • Level editor
  • Downloadable levels (community made levels)
  • Ads removal
Current progress

I’ve mainly worked on some generic stuffs lately, cleaning old code, building some UI stuffs,…

The first “build” uses a randomly generated level and a first test of the snake and its control

capture_2014-05-20_17-04-44_0336 capture_2014-05-20_17-04-02_0391

  • Player “controls” the head of the snake
  • Player can draw arrows (by touching screen)
  • When snake head touches the arrow it will turn in its direction
  • Each part of the snake (after the head) is attracted to the one before
  • Because of this some elements might take “shortcuts” (you can see on the first screenshot that even if the head takes 90° turns the rest of the corpse will smooth it, making turns quicker)
  • If a part of the corpse hits a wall, it will detach, forcing player to backtrack, or loose these parts

Basically the bigger the snake, the harder it becomes to keep the whole corpse intact. There are of course other gameplays elements linked to that, but we will detail them later, when they are programmed.


Level Editor

At first I wanted to use a level editor on PC such as Tiled, but imo it’s missing some features (symetry, full keyboard control and other small stuffs). So I’ve decided to build my own and include it in the game. This editor will be controllable with touch screens, but plugging a keyboard/mouse on the device will make things easier.

It will allow content creators to test levels quickly and easily upload them to a central database

Story, gameplay, bonus, …

Later…  🙂 in a future entry

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