Random news [may 2014]

Alien Blitz

Alien Blitz is currently on sale on ikoid.com, the sale price is so low that I don’t think it will give me any money, but I hope more players will try the game, and hopefully like it.

The bug I had with iOs version has been corrected, I’m waiting for the next release of robovm (and libgdx) to see if things are better. Hopefully I should be able to publish it on Apple App Store soon.

Crazy Minecart & Squircle Attack

Those two games were not well received:

  • Crazy Minecart had bad reviews, I guess it’s ok as gameplay is not rich, but I don’t know why reviews were so bad (it’s just a small scoring game, nothing more advertised or promised)
  • Squircle Attack has almost not been downloaded, even if gameplay is more interesting than Crazy Minecart, don’t know why, maybe I should change its name.

As those are just some small games it’s not very important to me, but it’s still sad.

Snake game

I’ve been thinking a lot about a snake game lately, with good hand made levels (keys, puzzle, labyrinths,…) and a few interesting gameplay elements (that make use of touch screen & physic engine)

I’m still working on the Game Design & I made a few graphical elements (temporary stuff) inspired by Kenney.nl work


I just randomly put a lot of elements in this image, final game will not be like that 🙂 And I also changed the snake design lately (introducing a new interesting gameplay element that I won’t talk about yet)

Physical engine

Just for fun I’ve been working on some physics stuff: forces, newton law, friction, gravity, collision,…

I’ve made a small test environment where you can move balls, they will collide, they can explode and change terrain (dynamic terrain), have physical properties (weight, friction, gravity,…),…

2014-05-03 16.02.27

I don’t know what I will do with that, I just did it for fun, but as its working pretty well I can think of quite a few games (mainly multiplayer stuff, turn based game)

UI stuff & base game engine

Currently I’m working on making a good template project for games, this will include all needed libraries & some common UI stuffs. So I’m working on some UI elements, based on Kenney.nl work

It will allow me to focus more on gameplay when making games, which will ease process a lot.

capture_2014-05-03_18-09-39_0811 ui

I’m thinking about releasing it as an open source project, or maybe just the graphical part (with libgdx atlas & skin), I don’t know yet.

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