Alien Blitz 1.1.1 : bug correction, french translation, low quality option

Alien Blitz has been updated to version 1.1.1

  • Added a low quality option for textures, decrease loading time & reduce memory usage (disabled by default, can only be enabled in main menu)
  • Added French translation
  • [bug] some items are visible before secret room is revealed
  • [bug] typos
  • Updated to Libgdx 1.1.0
  • [free version only] updated to latest mopub version & added a new permission for ads (access approximate user location)

This version has been uploaded to Google Play & IGS & this website (through Desura)

It will be uploaded to amazon app store soon, version 1.1.0 has also been pushed to iOs for reviewing (since it’s the first time it is uploaded there might be some error and validation can take a long time, this is not exactly the 1.1.0 version, it already includes some fixes and updates, but not the French translation)


(and I now have a very easy way to make animated gifs :p )

Dev notes

Low quality option

The low quality option has been added for iOs, as memory usage seems to be more limitated on these devices (GPU memory counts as memory usage)
It shouldn’t change framerate, but it will reduce loading time. All textures have been manually adapted in this mode (this is not an automatic stretching). This change will sometimes not be very noticeable, it really depends on the device, screen size & screen pixel density.

French translation

Adding new translation is very easy, just a Google spreadsheet to update (~ 250 entries). If people want to help me translate to other languages I might make this spreadsheet public.

Libgdx update

Last version of Alien Blitz was using a <1.0 version of Libgdx, so I had to update the whole project (gradle & such), everything seems fine, but it was a bit tricky.

Alternative Android stores

I will (at least) update the Amazon version of Alien Blitz, I don’t think anyone bought it there, but it hasn’t been updated in a very long time. The only difference is that rate links will not be visible (as they point to Play Store)

Samsung dropped support for 100% indie, so I guess I will just stop updating this version.

iOs version

I have uploaded a first iOs version that has been rejected as the app crashed on startup. I have no idea why it happened, I didn’t have any problem on my tests, but upload was tricky (4-5 connection lost during upload) so maybe the uploaded iap was faulty. Anyway it has been reuploaded (with robovm & libgdx update + some optimization on startup to ensure everything’s fine) and is now waiting for review.

Sadly latest robovm + libgdx are slower to load the game, initial loading takes around 6 seconds and it was taking around 1-2 seconds before update. It’s not specific to my game and hope it will be corrected, it’s not very important as it’s not very long anyway.

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