April news: 2 new games, Alien Blitz, working on something else

2 new games

I’ve been working on 2 small games last month, I’ve submitted both of them to Apple App Store this week and I’m waiting validation. I hope I did everything right as it seems validation can take a while.

Both games will also be available on Android, the alpha are already submitted, and are just waiting to be released. I want to release on both platforms at the same time.

One of those games is a top view game where you have to guide a minecart through rails using switches (activated by pressing screen), the aim is to do the highest score by going the farthest


The other game is a game where you have to guide (by keeping your finger on the screen) a ball on the screen, make it avoid patterns of incoming squares, and grab the small balls for points and bonuses.


Both games have achievements and leaderboards (on Google Play Games for Android, and Game Center for iOs). They are both free with ads (banner ad, only in menus not when playing, and full screen ads appearing sometimes after loosing)

Alien Blitz

New version of Alien Blitz has been uploaded, it is better looking and should get ride of all the troubles I had with the HTML system menu. And furthermore it is now fully compatible with iOs.

Capture d'écran - 01042014 - 19:46:49

Current tests on iOs are looking good, I had to introduce a lower memory texture (as an option) as it seems iOs is a bit more restrictive on memory usage, but it’s working very nicely without bug so far.

I’ll wait a few weeks before publishing it to Apple App Store, I want to see how the other 2 publications go.

Something else

I currently have 2-3 other small games in mind, I will work on them starting now, but as I have a lot of other things to do it could take some time before something is actually published.

I think the first game I will work on will be based on my very first “big” game I did when I was a kid, Kleum (DOS / Windows / TI 83 calculator),  a snake game but with hand made levels (keys, switchs, doors, labyrinths,…), no randomness involved.

Alien Mayhem

Alien Mayhem has been paused for now, I have to rewrite the menu system (as I did on Alien Blitz) and backports some of the Alien Blitz changes on it. I think it would need around 2 weeks to fully complete it on Android, a little more on iOs.

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