Alien Blitz on iOs postponed

Alien Blitz is running fine on iOs, after a few levels it was crashing because of memory usage so I had to make the lower quality texture option mandatory. It’s no big deal as this mode is fine anyway. Now memory usage is fine (less than 20m for the main memory, less than 60m (estimated) for graphical memory).

But I am running into an issue that will force me to postpone its release for now, every 20-30 seconds there is a small lag (less than 1/5 of a second) because of garbage collector. It seems to be a robovm issue with games that rely on touch events, and not something that I can work on (issue here)

The game is playable, the delay is not that huge, 1/5 second is no big deal, but I’m afraid this delay could be bigger on older device (I’m testing on a 5th gen ipod touch), so I prefer postponing release until a workaround or fix is found.

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