Alien Blitz 1.1 : optimization, smooth light, fog of war

Alien Blitz has been updated!

Capture d'écran - 01042014 - 19:46:49 Capture d'écran - 01042014 - 19:57:53

Changelog (version 1.1)
  • New lighting system, a lot smoother
  • Increased brightness
  • Added fog of war
  • Changed most maps
    • e01m01, more “natural” flow, should be easier for beginner
    • e02m11 (secret level of episode 2) now unlocks e02m12 upon completion
    • More holes in the walls (to see things through fog of war)
    • Better separation between liquids & ground
    • Added details
  • All menus have been rewritten, new effects, no more loading time, smoother animations, clear look.
  • Map is now free to see but it won’t reveal everything (fog of war is applied, making hidden passages less visible)
  • Pan can now be used to cycle quickly through weapons in the armory
  • Added generic controller support with Ouya mappings (untested) & generic mappings (tested with usb xbox 360 controller on nexus 7 with usb adapter). (Moga still works)
  • When manually locking an enemy an unlock button will be visible on screen (except on easy where the auto lock button is already there)
  • Controls size default value now depends on screen real size (can still be manually configured afterwards)
  • Railgun deals more damage
  • Double shotgun does not fire upwards or downwards anymore, but spreading angle has been slightly increased
  • Ammo box give a little less ammo
  • Spirit monster now moves quicker
  • Vile will resurrect monsters more often
  • Removed all dialogues, they were pretty useless anyway. Added generic help message when grabbing a new weapon.
  • Episode 1 (free) : sorry, I learned how to use mopub and add banner ad to a libgdx game, so there are banner ads now (only in the menus, not when actually playing of course)
  • Sound effects will play at lower volume, so that music can more easily be heard
  • Removed mines, you will still get money from them but this is transparent
  • Map selection window is now zoomed in (bigger buttons, centred on current map)
  • Removed French translation, it will be added back later, should be easier now anyway
  • Reduced memory consumption
  • Optimized speed
    • Explosions generate a lot less lags (reduced time to compute explosion effect)
    • Less lag while playing
  • Corrected misc bugs
    • Enemies always face the same direction when teleporting
    • Pellet does not leave impact particle when colliding
    • Corrected some multi threading glitches (player stop moving for one frame)
    • Going OOB (if possible) will bring back the player to a safe location
iOs / iPhone / iPad

iOs version is working exactly the same as the Android version so far (minus some android specific texts/buttons), it is currently under test and should be sent to Apple for approval soon (during April).


This update has been pushed to this website (if bought along with Snorms on Desura), IGS and Google Play

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