Alien Blitz on iOs

I’ve decided to test Alien Blitz on iOs today, here is the first (without crash) result

2014-03-09 18.42.13

Just a simple RGBA to ARGB conversion error (I’m using some quite low level / byte tranformations / functions in Alien Blitz), quick correction:

2014-03-09 18.50.52


Ok, so this is the first working version, with some limitations:

  • Missing some opacity manipulation stuff (basically you can see the terrain is full light, no shadow at all)
  • No sound
  • Badly written image conversion stuff
  • No save file
  • Old UI system

First level seems to run at a pretty stable 30fps (Alien Blitz is meant to run at 30 fps)

This is kinda good and bad news for me. I was secretly hopping that it would run at 1 or 2 fps so that I could just give up, but thanks to the power of LibGdx and Robovm it seems to run pretty well so far.

It means that I can port it to iOs, and a quick estimate is that it could take around 2 weeks to do so…. In other words it means that I must port it, it would be really stupid to loose a huge part of the customers just because I am too lazy… even more considering that I have all the equipments necessary (mac, ipod touch, apple license,…) to port it…

Sadly I don’t think I can use the new UI system I did for Alien Blitz (using HTML/Css/JavaScript), as I don’t think it is currently possible to port the JavaScript-Java bridge I did for Android (Robovm is missing a few functions/bindings, it’s a fantastic project, but still a bit young). So it means I will have to re-do the whole interface one more time, thankfully I learned how to create UI with Libgdx scene-ui lately, so it could really help me. If I do so I think I will also port this UI to Android, it will be easier to maintain and will solve the “fixed width” mess with Android webviews.

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