Alien Blitz, now with fog of war

I had an idea for Alien Blitz last night, just before falling asleep, for a fog of war that would not require a lot of CPU. Alien Blitz, being based on Snorms, is supposed to have a fog of war, but for performance reasons this was removed when porting, so I’m glad it can be back!

Capture d'écran - 20032014 - 12:50:12 Capture d'écran - 20032014 - 12:50:16

It uses a bit more CPU (and memory), but I saved some CPU cycles in other places, so it should not impact performance that much (basically monsters and sprites were displayed only when visible to the player, this is not needed anymore) and it feels a lot better

I’m also working on rewriting the UI (first for iOS, but it will be used everywhere), I really love the scene2d.ui from Libgdx 🙂 it’s so easy to add some simple effects and have a nice layout for widgets.

Capture d'écran - 20032014 - 12:50:27


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