Alien Blitz: big update soon

I’ve finished all modifications needed for Alien Blitz on Android, it is now in “alpha” and will be fully tested within next days.

I think I will have a stable release quite quickly, by the end of the month, as everything seems fine from first tests.

Capture d'écran - 26032014 - 17:22:17

There are lots of small changes, and some big ones such as performance improvements, new menus, fog of war, smooth lights,…

I’m currently focusing on the Android version as I need a stable version for an event, but the iOs version seems to be working fine also so far, it just hasn’t been tested enough. So iOs version should be available soon.

I also have 2 other (small) games that are finished and tested on both Android & iOs, they should be released next months too.

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