Gameplay gif of Alien Blitz (full res)

I’m always getting error on twitter when trying to upload animated gif for #screenshotsaturdays (“Error creating status.”), that’s weird. Anyway here is the full resolution version of my last tweet, a gameplay gif of Alien Blitz

java 2014-01-31 12-58-17-23_97-148_optimized

I’m still experimenting things to get a correct gif, I think I can’t get any better than that (and less than 5-6 mb full resolution) because the camera moves a lots (= lots of very different images to display each frame), and so the gif sizes increases dramatically.

Currently I’m using fraps to record video (full res, 8fps) and QGifer to extract video parts / render gif / (eventually reduce resolution) / optimize gif. And I’m recording from PC (that’s why the “move” stick doesn’t do anything), I didn’t try to record directly from an Android device yet (I guess it needs to be rooted to do that).

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