Alien Mayhem, Google Play Games

I’ve been working with Google Play Services / Google Play Games for Alien Mayhem today (still in private beta at the moment), I did a lot of work and got the integration almost finished (I still have to work on cloud saving/loading)

2014-02-07 23.34.45

I was quite surprised as everything went almost flawlessly. There were a few problems of course but having worked on in-app-billing before I already figured out how google api work (all the test things, key,…). The tricky part is that a lot of stuff will be permanently locked when published.

Basically for Alien Mayhem I will be using:

  • Achievements: there won’t be that many achievements, but as they are easy to integrate I might add some more later.
  • Leaderboards: there will be leaderboard for all arenas, shared with circles, different timestamp,…
  • Could saving: save file will be available on cloud so that you can play on multiple devices easily

2014-02-07 23.32.28

The most difficult part is the leaderboard for two reasons :

  • There is a total of 51 arenas with leaderboard in Alien Mayhem + DLC, and it was a pain in the a** to configure them all manually, there is no import from csv option or anything like that
  • There is no easy way to find cheaters, I’ll will try to add something but I’m not yet 100% sure it will work: when publishing scores a replay file will be also sent to my server and a process there will check its validity, hiding score if player has cheated. Problem is it might take some time for the fake score to be detected (highest scores will be checked first of course)

I think this service is a good idea, it’s missing some features but it’s easy to implement, well documented and kinda work immediately out of the box. I might implement it for Alien Blitz later, we will see how things go.

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