Alien Mayhem, fog saving

Took me around 2 hours to add the cloud saving functionality to Alien Mayhem. I was not expecting it to be so easy 🙂

2014-02-08 15.37.12

It means if you are signed in to Google Play Games (optional but recommended) your saves will be available in the cloud, on any device. In case of conflict the most advanced (most medals) save will be used.

If you are a developer, as of today the developer page on Google regarding cloud is outdated, some of the code doesn’t work and links go to 404 pages. I’ve reported it so hopefully it will be corrected soon.

There’s not so much missing for Alien Mayhem except loads and loads of testing. I don’t plan on releasing it soon as I want it to be *perfect* when publicly available (not like Alien Mayhem that has been transformed a lot halfway through, even though there has never been any major bug or glitch)

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