Alien Mayhem almost complete, what next ?

All features/levels for Alien Mayhem are done/complete, all is missing is lots of testing (which could take a month or so). So what should I work on now ? (I won’t do tests all day long, more like 2-3 maps every day, correcting stuffs and so on)

I have a few things to work on:

  1. [mobile] A space trading game inspired by Space trader (palmOS), FTL, SPAZ,… easy controls, browser game style
  2. [mobile] A snake game (based on Kleum with labyrinths, switches, keys,…)
  3. [mobile] A RTS game, top-view
  4. [desktop] A RTS game based on Dungeon Keeper with heavy RPG stuffs, full 3D
  5. [mobile] a small, undefined game
  • 1 & 2, the game design document (GDD) is almost complete, I know what I want to do, each should take around 2-3 months to develop
  • 3 & 4, I will be working on them with friends (to help me on graphical stuffs and story), but GDD is not done. 3 should be 2-3 months work, and 4 a lot more (so I will work on this one only if I can afford it)
  • 5 is an idea I had recently, I want to try doing a small game in around 2 weeks. I have a few ideas but no GDD done yet. This should be a small scoring mobile game with an infinite level. It will be free with ads.

During next days I will think about 5, and see if I do that, it could be fun. Then I will eventually work on 1 & 2, but I don’t know which one first.

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