Alien Blitz has been updated

Small update again:

  • Dropped Android 2.x/3.x support
  • Fixed viewport width to 900px. It was too small and disturbing for new players especially with retina displays.
  • Removed the brightness checkbox, it can be disturbing as it won’t work if brightness is set to automatic on Android
  • Removed the music slider from the options in the free version (as there is no music)
  • Made the help & checkpoints popups partially transparent

I think Android 2.x/3.x devices are too old to run my game and I have lots of problems in the menus with this version, so I decided to drop it from supported platforms.

The option window is a lot nicer now, only 2 options left:

  • Controls size, it will just zoom in/out controls, as before, can be useful on tablets/big screen (where some people might prefer controls to be smaller)
  • Music volume, it will summon  herobrine… hmmm no I must be wrong…


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