Happy new year – AB Spin-off progress

Happy new year everyone !

Work on the Alien Blitz spin-off went well last days/weeks, the game by itself didn’t change that much, I just completed a lot of missing stuffs. I’ve mainly worked on the UI (menus).

Main screen with locked/unlocked soldiers

Capture d'écran - 07012014 - 15:25:42

Select soldier screen, with map selection in the background

Capture d'écran - 07012014 - 15:26:09

And an updated gameplay screenshot, featuring first map (might change later)

Capture d'écran - 07012014 - 15:28:18

I think I will make some changes to the old plan, less levels, only one DLC, I think it will be something like :

  • Free version
    • Full story mode, from start to the actual ending
    • 1 tutorial (3 levels)
    • 4 fleets (= worlds), each containing 5 levels
    • 4 soldiers to unlock, 5 total
    • 1 final boss (1 level)
    • Ads
  • DLC
    • 6 fleets, each containing 5 levels
    • 6 soldiers to unlock
    • Random wave generator (play forever!)
    • Cheating options (skip level, and maybe some other cheats)
    • No ads

So if it takes 10 minutes to complete a level (some will be 5 minutes, some 10, but you might have to do some twice without dying), the free version would be something like 3-4 hours of gameplay time, and the free+dlc version would be something like 8-9 hours (not counting the fact that the random waves can greatly increase play time). So it still makes it a very decent game.

I should be able to publish an alpha version this month, it will only contain one fleet (+ tutorial) or so and might not be well balanced, but it will just be an alpha and might help other people test it.
I also have to publish the updated Alien Blitz first, I hope I can do it this week or next one.

Not sure yet what I will work on after the spin-off, I still have around 2-3 months of savings after that I will have to look for a job (let’s hope this spin-off or my next small game will be a success and that I can save some money to continue working on games)

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