Alien Blitz update : intel support, bug correction, loading time

Alien Blitz has been updated :

  • Intel processor support (x86) : if you are running an android device with Intel processor
  • All levels have been reworked
    • All walls are now darker, this should make the path more visible
    • Levels are a bit lighter
    • Lots of stairs/platforms have been removed, except for a few spots it is not necessary to jump to complete the game (except if you plan on finding all secrets)
    • Small glitches correction (bad textures,…)
  • Initial loading time has been greatly reduced, sounds are now loaded in the background (could make the first few seconds in the menu slower on some devices)
  • On screen controls are more transparent
  • Updated to libgdx 0.9.9
  • [bug] Vile could sometimes be stuck
  • [bug] small bug, glitches and typos corrected

Update has been pushed to Google Play, this website and IGS

This update should fix everything we wanted to be fixed, so it will be uploaded on other platforms soon.

Capture d'écran - 13012014 - 15:02:54

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